Tech Support: Uninstall VLC Media Player on PC

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  • 2019.Jan.30 9:20
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“I would like to completely and safely remove VLC Media Player from Windows 10.”
“How can I uninstall VLC like this software had never been installed on my PC?”
“Is it possible to remove VLC Media Player with no logs and no registry left behind?

Do you have the same doubts? What’s the problem you encounter when trying to uninstall VLC Media Player? For those users who are struggling to fully remove VLC Media Player, this removal guide could bring some helpful knowledge and tricks.

First of all, you can follow the manual steps listed below to delete Windows program,

Conventional Method to Uninstall VLC Media Player:

To carry out the uninstallation successfully and entirely, you will need to go through three stages: kill the active program > uninstall it from the Control Panel > delete remaining files and folder related to the program, including associated registry entries.

Step 1. Exit out of VLC Media Player (if it is active)

First of all, you should check if VLC Media Player exists in the system tray. If so, right click on it and choose Quit.

You can also kill this program in Task Manager:

  • Right click the taskbar on the bottom and choose Task Manager option
  • Select VLC Media Player in the Processes tab, and click on End Task button

Step 2. Uninstall VLC Media Player from Start menu

By default, most Windows programs can be uninstalled via the Add/Remove Programs applet, which is located in Control Panel. Here’s how to access to the panel:

  • (Right) click on Start menu and choose Programs and Features option
  • Scroll down to locate VLC Media Player in the list of installed program
  • Select VLC Media Player and then click Uninstall/Change to begin uninstallation

Windows 10 users can also click on Start > All apps, right-click on VLC Media Player and choose Uninstall option in the list to open up the Programs & Features panel.

  • As the VLC Media Player Uninstall wizard shows up, click on Next button
  • Tick the check-box labeled Delete Preferences and Cache, and click Uninstall

  • Click Finish to close the wizard, and then reboot your PC (if necessary)

Questions: What if VLC Media Player does not appear in the list of installed programs? What if there is no response when you click the Uninstall/Change button? In that case you can try an alternative way to bring up the VLC Media Player wizard.

  • Open File Explorer and go to the folder that stores the VLC Media Player app
  • Locate the built-in uninstaller labeled Uninstall.exe, and run this executive file

If that still not works, one possible reason is that some components of VLC Media Player are damaged or missing. To solve this issue, you may consider to re-install VLC Media Player to cover the files, and then perform the uninstall steps again.

Step 3: Remove all VLC Media Player remnants

Is the uninstall finished now? No if you are desired to achieve a perfect result. Here are some tricks to delete VLC Media Player leftovers in the whole Windows system:

(1) Delete Invalid Entries in Registry

  • (Right) click on the Start icon and then click on Search in the list
  • Type “regedit” in the box and press Enter key to activate Registry Editor
  • Click Find from the Edit menu in the Registry Editor
  • Type the keyword(s) of target program or its vendor’s name in the search box
  • Enter Find Next (and then hit F3) to locate related keys or values

Warning: Be cautious when modifying Windows Registry. You are suggested to backup registry files before the modification, in case that something wrong happens.

(2) Delete Junk Files/Folders in Disk

  • Open up Windows Explorer and then type VLC (or videoLan) in the Search Bar
  • Go through and delete the matched items one by one in the search results

After performing those manual steps, VLC Media Player should be fully removed from your PC. If you feel troublesome to carry out the removal in this way, we highly recommend you to adopt a powerful uninstall tool, to achieve the goal without hassle.

A Better Way to Uninstall VLC Media Player:

Wanna uninstall VLC Media Player as quickly and easily as possible? Crapware Uninstaller is able to satisfy your demands. Here’s how it works to remove programs:

  • Open up Crapware Uninstaller after shutting down VLC Media Player
  • Select VLC Media Player in the list of installed programs and click Run Analysis

  • Click on Complete Uninstall in Step 2, and click Yes in the confirmation dialog

  • Follow the prompts to complete the uninstall, and click the Scan Leftovers button
  • Click Delete Leftovers in Step 3 and then click Yes in the confirmation dialo

When you are prompted that VLC Media Player has been fully removed, you can close Crapware Uninstaller, and reboot your PC to ensure the complete uninstall.

So that’s the end of today’s guide. Have you finished your uninstall task now? Which method do you prefer to use to uninstall VLC Media Player on your Windows PC?


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