How do I Fully Uninstall SHAREit from My PC

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  • 2019.Mar.21 9:17
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What is SHAREit? Is it safe to use? Can SHAREit be regarded as bloatware or virus?

SHAREit is a free peer-to-peer sharing app developed by SHAREit Information Technology Co., Ltd. Users can use this program to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and any other files. SHAREit is a legitimate program that can be downloaded in the Microsoft Store. But if you still hold suspicion about this software, you can uninstall SHAREit and all associated files from your PC.

Here in this post we will introduce two ways of uninstalling SHAREit on Windows.

(If you are trying to remove the SHAREit published by Lenovo Group Limited, the uninstall methods below also work to help you fully remove all program components)

1: Manually Uninstall SHAREit & Delete Leftovers

In this method, you will need to manually remove the target program and then the program leftovers. Meanwhile, here are some uninstall tricks you need to notice, like:

Before the uninstall, don’t forget to deactivate SHAREit……

If SHAREit is active, make sure to shut it down before you perform the uninstall. To do so, right click its icon in the system tray, and choose Quit option. Besides, you can run Activity Monitor to check if any of its background process still run in silent mode.

Removal part 1 – Uninstall SHAREit from Start menu

Here are the regular steps to uninstall SHAREit on a Windows 7/8/10 PC:

  • (Right) click on the Start menu and then choose Programs & Features
  • Scroll down to select SHAREit in the list, and click Uninstall button below

  • Click Yes button in the SHAREit Uninstall wizard to start the uninstallation

Or instead, uninstall SHAREit from the Settings panel on Windows 10:

  • Click the Start menu, and click the Settings icon from the sidebar
  • Click System section, and then click Apps & Features from the sidebar
  • Scroll down to locate the SHAREit icon from the right pane, click the Uninstall button that appears below, and then click Uninstall again in the pop-up window

  • Click Yes in the User Account Control to allow the launch of the uninstaller

The uninstallation is supposed to be finished in a few seconds. And then what to do?

Removal part 2 – Detect & delete SHAREit leftovers

Similar to other Windows programs, SHAREit is likely to create some associated files in the Windows Registry and other system folders, yet the SHAREit Uninstall wizard will not remove any of those traces. You can take these steps to remove its traces:

  • Click the Search icon in the bottom left corner, and type regedit in the field
  • Click the Regedit in the best match result to launch Registry Editor

  • Click Yes if you are prompted to give confirmation in UAC dialog
  • Press Control + F together (or click Edit > Find) to open the Find window
  • Type SHAREit in the Find box, and click Find Next button

  • When the matched entry is highlighted, right click on it and choose Delete
  • Hit F3 key to continue searching for items named after SHAREit

Warning: don’t try to modify your Registry without making a backup, otherwise serious problems may occur and you cannot restore it with the backup file. Here is how to backup your whole Registry:

  • Right click on the Computer folder in the left pane, and choose Export

  • Type a name for the backup file, specify the location to store the file, and click Save button to create and save the file.

2: Thoroughly Remove SHAREit by Dedicated Tool

Some of you may think the manual removal is too complicated to complete, and question if there is a more convenient solution to handle the removal task. Well, here we will show you how to fully uninstall SHAREit and remove its remnants in clicks.

By using a dedicated removal tool, you can get rid of SHAREit in three simple steps.

Step 1. select the target program

  • Double click to launch Crapware Uninstaller after the installation and activation
  • Double click Crapware Uninstaller shortcut in Desktop to launch this removal tool
  • Select SHAREit in the interface, and click Run Analysis button

Step 2. perform standard uninstall

  • Click Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes in pop-up confirmation dialog
  • As the SHAREit Uninstall wizard appears, follow onscreen prompts to complete the standard uninstall, and then click Scan Leftovers button to continue

Step 3. delete program leftovers

  • Click Delete Leftovers button, and then choose Yes in the pop-up dialog
  • Click OK after all leftovers have been removed, and then close Crapware Uninstaller

See? SHAREit have been fully removed from your PC, and you don’t need to worry if there is any deletion risk during the procedure. Why not get this handy tool right now?


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