How Can I Completely Uninstall Scribus on Windows 10

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What is Scribus? It is an open source DTP software for creating great-looking print ready documents, like magazines, newsletters, posters, brochures, business cards, etc.

Cannot uninstall Scribus on your Windows PC? Try to clear out its traces on the system but have no idea how? If you get lost in the uninstallation of Scribus, read through this post and follow the proper approaches to fully remove Scribus from PC.

Approach 1: Remove Scribus through Crapware Uninstaller

First of all, we would like to present an one-stop solution to help you remove Scribus without hassle. Crapware Uninstaller is a dedicated removal tool designed for Windows users. Using this tool to uninstall Scribus is a time-saving and effective option for those who don’t want to go through complicated steps in the removal tasks.

Here are the detailed steps to uninstall Scribus with the help of Crapware Uninstaller:

  • Shut down Scribus if it is active, and then run Crapware Uninstaller.
  • Select Scribus in the list of installed program, and click on Run Analysis.

  • After a few seconds’ scanning, click on Complete Uninstall to proceed.
  • Click on Yes in the pop-up dialog, and follow the prompts to complete the process.

  • After the uninstall is completed, click on Scan Leftovers to enter the last part.
  • Click on Delete Leftovers and then Yes in the confirmation dialogue box.

After that every piece of Scribus should be successfully removed from your system. As for uninstalling corrupted or hidden programs, Crapware Uninstaller has a Force Remove mode, which allows you to uninstall problematic programs in a force way.

Approach 2: Manually Uninstall Scribus & Delete Vestiges

How about uninstalling Scribus without any third party tool? To carry out a thorough uninstallation of Scribus on Windows 10, you are supposed to go through these steps:

Step 1. Deactivate target program first (if it is active)

Before uninstalling any program, don’t forget to turn off the software and terminate any related background processes. Otherwise, some of the executive files that are in use will not be deleted, and the active program may not be uninstalled smoothly.

  • Right click the taskbar on the bottom of screen and choose Task Manager option.
  • Select Scribus under the Processes tab, and click on End Task button.

If you cannot shut down a problematic program (like antivirus or malicious software), you can reboot Windows into Safe Mode so that any third-party software will not launch automatically to hinder the successful uninstall. Here are the details to do so:

– Access the Run dialogue by pressing the Windows + R keys together.
– Type “msconfig” in the Open: field and click on OK.
– Click the Boot tab in the System Configuration and check the “Safe boot” box.
– Click OK and then Restart in the pop-up dialog box to take effect.

Step 2. Uninstall Scribus via Add/Remove Programs applet

Once installed properly, most programs can be uninstalled through Windows’ Add/Remove Programs applet, which is located in the Control Panel > Programs.

  • Click on Start menu and locate Scribus in the list of installed programs.
  • Right click on Scribus, and choose Uninstall from the floating window.

  • Select Scribus in Programs and Features window, and click Uninstall/Change link.
  • Click Yes button in the Scribus Uninstall wizard that shows up subsequently.

  • Click Uninstall button to perform the removal, and click OK when it is finished.

  • Reboot your computer to take effect after the uninstall process is finished.

For the program which has a specialized uninstaller, you can take alternative way:

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to the installation folder of Scribus.
  • Double click the “uninst.exe” to launch the Scribus built-in uninstaller.

Tip: If the target program is corrupted, both of these regular options may fail to complete the uninstall. In that case, you can try to re-install Scribus to cover missing/corrupted program files, and then uninstall Scribus by these steps again.

Step 3: Delete Scribus Entries in Windows Registry

Though Scribus has gone away, some of its components still remain on the system. Now you need to manually detect its residues scattering around the system.

  • (Right) click on the Start icon and then click on Search in the list.
  • Type “regedit” in the box and press Enter key to activate Registry Editor.
  • Click Find on the Edit menu in the Registry Editor.
  • Type Scribus or its vendor’s name in the search box, and hit Find Next button
  • Right click on the files or folder pertaining to Scribus, and choose Delete option.

  • Hit F3 key to continue locating related keys or values, and delete them all.

Important: since the registry stores crucial system configuration and settings, any improper modification might cause system malfunction or even crash. You are supposed to back up the registry file before deleting any items in Windows Registry.

After performing all these steps you should be able to uninstall Scribus successfully.

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