Follow this guide to uninstall MediaFire on Windows

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“Why I Can’t uninstall MediaFire from my Windows PC for unknown reason?
What to fully remove MediaFire and clear out all traces created by MediaFire?
How should I deal with the error message when trying to delete MediaFire?……”

As a team working on providing solutions to Windows program removal, we collect some common questions raised by MediaFire users, and based on that, we summarize two proper methods to help you remove MediaFire without trace left. Read on please.

Method 1: take three steps to fully uninstall MediaFire

Why some users fail to uninstall MediaFire effectively? How to enable clean uninstall? Well, you need to fully uninstall MediaFire by going through three necessary stages:

> Terminate all the running processes that are pertaining to MediaFire
> Uninstall MediaFire via Programs & Features (or Apps & Features)
> Detect and delete invalid entries of MediaFire in Windows registry

Step 1. shut down MediaFire if it is running

Typically before you uninstall a program, you should make sure it is not in use. If MediaFire appears in system tray, right click on it and choose Exit. If you are not sure whether a program is in use, you can launch Task Manager to look for the process:

  • Right click the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and select Task Manager
  • Click MediaFire under the Processes tab, and click on End Task button

Afterwards, you can head to uninstall MediaFire from the Programs & Features (Window 7/8) or from Apps & Features (Windows 10). Let’s start in the Start menu.

Step 2. uninstall MediaFire from Start menu

  • Windows 10
    Right click on Start menu and choose Apps and Features
    Select MediaFire, click Uninstall button, and click Uninstall again
    Click the Yes button in the User Account Control window to allow the uninstall

  • Windows 8
    Right click on Start menu and choose Programs and Features in the list (alternatively, click on Start, right click on MediaFire in the list of programs and choose Uninstall)
    Highlight MediaFire with one click and click on Uninstall button above

  • Windows 7
    Hit the Windows key or click the Start menu and select Control Panel
    Click on Programs link, then locate MediaFire, right click on it and click Uninstall

What if you cannot find MediaFire in the list of installed programs or there is no response after clicking Uninstall? That could be triggered by the corruption or missing of MediaFire files. The solution is to re-install MediaFire, thus to cover the damaged executive files. After the installation, try to uninstall it through Start menu again.

Step 3. detect MediaFire traces in registry

MediaFire can be easily uninstalled after you perform the steps above, but it could be tricky for inexperienced users to detect MediaFire leftovers around the system, especially in the Windows Registry.

  • (Right) click on Start menu and then click on Run to launch Run dialog box
  • Type “regedit”in the Open:box and press Enter key to activate Registry Editor

  • If you are prompted by UAC for confirmation, click on Yes button to open it up
  • Click Find from the Edit menu, then type MediaFirein the search box and click on Find Next button to start the scanning around the whole Registry

  • Once an associated keys/values is highlighted, right click on it and choose Delete
  • Hit F3 key to continue deleting MediaFire-related entries

Warning: before making any modification, make sure to create a backup copy of the Registry, and don’t delete anything you are not 100% sure pertaining to MediaFire.

By far you should have been able to remove MediaFire along with all its remnants.

Method 2: quickly remove MediaFire with a handy tool

Still can’t get rid of all MediaFire components by the aforementioned method? Then you should really try out this automatic method, which could allow you to fully wipe out any unwanted program on Windows PC. As an utility designed to remove Windows programs, Crapware Uninstaller is able to solve various uninstall issues.

Here are the six steps you can follow when using this tool to remove MediaFire:

1. Double click Crapware Uninstaller icon in the Desktop to launch this tool
2. Select MediaFire in the list, and click Run Analysis button

3. Click Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes in pop-up confirmation dialog
4. As the uninstall completes, click Scan Leftovers button to proceed to next step

5. Click Delete Leftovers button, and then choose Yes in the pop-up dialog
6. Click OK in the confirm dialog, and click Back to Step 1 to re-scan your system

See? The whole uninstallation is processed in this intuitive interface, which means you will no need to wander around the system corner for locating MediaFire leftovers.

>> How to get Crapware Uninstaller on your PC? You can head to the homepage of this site, click the Get Crapware Uninstaller button and then finish the purchase after choosing your desired plan. Once you install Crapware Uninstaller on your system, double click to launch this tool, and follow the prompts to complete the registration.

Now we have come to the end of this post. Which method do you think is more effective to uninstall MediaFire? And which one do you prefer to adopt? Any thoughts are welcomed here.


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