Take Correct Steps to Uninstall IrfanView on Windows

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  • 2019.Jun.14 8:34
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App info: IrfanViewis a proprietary image viewer and converter compatible with a wide range of image formats and designed for Windows system. This software is free to non-commercial use, and the commercial use will requires paid registration.

Today’s topic is about how to completely uninstall IrfanViewon Windows system. We will discuss two different methods of uninstalling unwanted apps, and you can pick up the one you think is more acceptable to carry out the clean, complete uninstallation.

Method 1: manually uninstall IrfanView step by step

What is the correct procedure of removing Windows programs? To be brief, uninstalling IrfanView requires you to go through three necessary stages:

> Terminate all the running processes that are pertaining to IrfanView
> Uninstall IrfanView via Programs & Features (or Apps & Features)
> Detect and delete invalid entries of IrfanView in Windows registry

Stage 1. Make sure to deactivate IrfanView

Typically before you uninstall a program, you should make sure it is not in use. If IrfanView appears in the system tray, right click on it and choose Exit.

If you cannot find it there, use Task Manager to see it still runs silently:

  • Right click the taskbar at the bottom and select Task Manager option in the list
  • Click IrfanView in the Processes tab, and click on End Task button

After terminating all IrfanView processes, you can start to uninstall it from the Programs & Features (Window 7/8) or from Apps & Features (Windows 10).

Stage 2. Uninstall IrfanView from Start menu

The uninstall steps differ depending on what system version you are using. Here is how to carry out a standard uninstall of program in different system versions:

  • Windows 7
    Hit the Windows key or click the Start menu and select Control Panel
    Choose View by Category in the upper-right corner and click on Programs
    Locate IrfanView, right click on it and click on Uninstall

  • Windows 8
    Right click on Start menu and choose Programs and Features in the list
    Highlight IrfanView with one click and click on Uninstall button above

  • Windows 10
    Right click on Start menu and choose Apps and Features
    Select IrfanView, click Uninstall button, and click Uninstall again
    Click the Yes button in the User Account Control window to allow the uninstallation

As the IrfanView Uninstall window shows up, click Yes to execute the uninstall. And then click OK when the uninstallation is complete.

What if you cannot find IrfanView in the list of installed programs or there is no response after clicking Uninstall? That could be triggered by the corruption or missing of IrfanView files. The fix is to reinstall IrfanView, and then uninstall it as normal.

Stage 3. detect IrfanView traces in Registry

It is necessary to keep your Registry clean and organized. If you don’t clean up the program leftovers in Registry, as time goes by, you computer will become more and more sluggish. So, how to safely and fully remove IrfanView? Do the followings:

  • (Right) click on Start menu and then click on Run to launch Run dialog box
  • Type “regedit” in the Open: box and press Enter key to activate Registry Editor
  • If you are prompted by UAC for confirmation, click on Yes button to open it up
  • Click Find from the Edit menu, then type IrfanView in the search box and click on Find Next button to start the scanning around the whole Registry

  • Once an associated keys/values is highlighted, right click on it and choose Delete
  • Hit F3 key to continue deleting IrfanView-related entries

Note that before making any modification, make sure to create a backup copy of the Registry. Don’t delete anything there without having the backup as it involves risks!

Method 2: Easily remove IrfanView in a few clicks

How to achieve a thorough uninstall without pain? A professional removal tool could be an answer to this question. Fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Crapware Uninstaller is a smart uninstaller that can be used to easily remove unwanted Windows programs. You only need to go through 3 simple steps to remove IrfanView:

Step 1. select & scan target program

  • Double click Crapware Uninstaller icon in the Desktop to launch this tool
  • Select IrfanView in the list, and click Run Analysis button

Step 2. perform a standard uninstall

  • Click Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes in pop-up confirmation dialog
  • As the IrfanView wizard appears, follow onscreen prompts to complete the standard uninstall, and then click Scan Leftovers button to proceed to next step

Step 3. Continue with clean removal

  • Click Delete Leftovers button, and then choose Yes in the pop-up dialog
  • Click OK after all leftovers have been removed, and close Crapware Uninstaller

That’s how simple it could be to uninstall IrfanView or other unneeded programs. Wanna give it a try now? To get Crapware Uninstaller, download it from the homepage of this site, and install it on your system. Then you can open it up, and complete the registration for further use (yes this is a paid uninstalling tool).


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