Properly Uninstall Advanced IP Scanner on Windows PC

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Looking for a correct way to uninstall Advanced IP Scanner from your PC?

You may install this program to scan your network devices, access to shared folders, or remote control computers via its bundled software. You may now try to uninstall Advanced IP Scanner for personal reasons, but have no idea how to do it right.

To uninstall programs on Windows PC could be quite easy as you only need to remove the software from the list of installed programs, but it could be complicated if you desire to achieve a complete, clean uninstallation. If you are not sure hwo to delete Advanced IP Scanner completely, read through this post to find the answers.

Method 1: Uninstall Advanced IP Scanner & Delete Leftovers

A whole removal should include the uninstall of the program itself and the deletion of any trace created by the software. But before the removal, you should make sure to shut down the active Advanced IP Scanner. Detailed steps are listed in the following.

Step 1. turn off Advanced IP Scanner

If Advanced IP Scanner is active, click the X icon in its interface. Or instead, you can terminate any background process related to Advanced IP Scanner in Task Manager:

  • Right click the taskbar at the button and select Task Manager from the list
  • Select the processes pertaining to Advanced IP Scanner and click End Task button

Step 2. uninstall Advanced IP Scanner

Different Windows system requires you to go through different uninstall procedure.

  • On Windows 7
    Click Start > Control Panel > Program to open up the Programs and Features panel
    Scroll through to locate Advanced IP Scanner, click its icon and click Uninstall link
  • On Windows 8
    Right click Start menu and then click Programs and Features from the list.
    Highlight Advanced IP Scanner and click Uninstall to begin the uninstallation.
  • On Windows 10
    Click Start menu, and click All apps to open the list of installed programs.
    Scroll down to find Advanced IP Scanner, right click on it, and choose Uninstall.
    Click Uninstall in the new opened window to activate default uninstaller.

Windows 10 users can also click Start > Settings > Apps & features, select Advanced IP Scanner in the list of apps, and click Uninstall twice to activate the uninstallation.

When the Windows Installer window pops up, click Yes button to execute the uninstall. You will need to wait for a few seconds as the system is performing the act. The uninstall is complete when the Advanced IP Scanner window disappears.

Question: What if Advanced IP Scanner doesn’t appear in the list of installed apps or there is no response when you click Uninstall option? That case may occur when some of the executive files are damaged or missing. In that case, we suggest you to re-install Advanced IP Scanner, thus to cover corrupted/missing files. Once the installation finishes, Advanced IP Scanner should be uninstalled by the normal way.

Step 3. delete leftovers in whole system

Though Advanced IP Scanner has been uninstalled, you are suggested to search for the remnant it created, such as the preference settings, cache files, temporary folders and registry values. To fully delete Advanced IP Scanner, proceed with the steps here.

  • Click the Search icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, and type “regedit”
  • Click the Regedit in the best match result to launch Registry Editor

  • Click Yes if you are prompted to give confirmation in UAC dialog

  • Press Control + F together to open the Find box and then type Advanced IP Scanner
  • Hit Enter (and then F3) to locate the entries associated with Advanced IP Scanner.
  • Right click on the keys/values and choose Delete option to remove them one by one

Notice: You must be very cautious when making changes on Windows Registry. Inexperienced users are not recommended to modify the registry without making a backup copy, otherwise, serious issues may occur and cannot be rolled back if you mistakenly delete keys or values there. If you are desired to clear up the program traces but lack experience or knowledge, we suggest you to utilize an professional uninstaller or a registry cleaner to get rid of invalid registry items with safety.

Meanwhile, you can try to search for Advanced IP Scanner leftovers in the disks:

  • Head to Start > Control Panel > Folder Options, and then select the View tab
  • Check the “Show hidden files and folders” in Advanced settings and click OK
  • Click This PC on the desktop (or press Windows + E ) to open up File Explorer
  • Type Advanced IP Scanner (or its vendor’s name) in the Search Bar
  • Select Advanced IP Scanner leftovers in the result and delete them to the recycle bin

Now you should have fully remove Advanced IP Scanner from Windows. The manual steps mentioned above can be used to uninstall most third party programs. You may ask, is there any better way to uninstall Advanced IP Scanner? Read on to know more.

Method 2: Remove Advanced IP Scanner via Crapware Uninstaller

Repeating the manual, complicated steps to uninstall multiple programs could be quite time-consuming and also involve risk for most ordinary users. How to uninstall Advanced IP Scanner with minimal effort? As lightweight but efficient removal tool designed for all level Windows users, Crapware Uninstaller is an alternative option.

Here are all steps you need to carry out if you choose to use Crapware Uninstaller:

1.Launch Crapware Uninstaller after installing to your Windows PC
2.Choose Advanced IP Scanner and click Run Analysis button

3.Click Complete Uninstall after all the components have been scanned out
4.Click Yes in the pop-up dialog to confirm the uninstall of Advanced IP Scanner

5.Click the Yes button in the Windows Installer wizard to start the uninstall
6.Click Scan Leftovers button after the standard uninstall is complete

7.Click Delete Leftovers and choose Yes in the pop-up dialog to delete all leftovers
8.Click OK after the deletion is complete, and close Crapware Uninstaller

If any program or plugin does not show up in the interface, you can Click the Force Remove tab to carry out the removal of target software. Force Remove mode can be used to effectively remove corrupted, problematic, malicious or stubborn programs.


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