How to Fully Uninstall CCleaner from Windows 10

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CCleaner is a maintenance tool that claims to improve PC’s performance by deleting potentially unwanted files and freeing up disk space. This software is launched and developed by Piriform, a company acquired by Avast in 2017. Since then, several security issues have been exposed, including the Trojan in the distributed program, force and automatic updates when installing old version of CCleaner, and the behavior of silently installing bundle software and monitoring system without user permission. That’s why you should stop using CCleaner on your Windows right now. Yet, how to effectively uninstall CCleaner from your PC? Many users find it hard to fully remove all traces left by this software and they are now here to look for a proper solution.

In this tutorial we will discuss three methods to uninstall CCleaner on Windows PC. Meanwhile, we also share some tricks to help you carry out a thorough uninstallation.

Preparation: shut down CCleaer if it is running

If CCleaner is active, close the X in the upper right corner of the interface. In some versions, CCleaner will minimize to your system tray. You need to right click on its icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, and choose Quit option to shut it down.

If there is no Quit option in the right-click menu, you can exit it via Task Manager:

  • Right click the taskbar at the button and select Task Manager from the list
  • Select the processes pertaining to Advanced IP Scanner and click End Task button

Now you can choose one of the following methods to remove CCleaner from system.

Method 1: Remove CCleaner via Crapware Uninstaller

Using a professional tool to uninstall CCleaner is the most time-saving and efficient option in this task. As lightweight but powerful remover designed for all level Windows users, Crapware Uninstaller handles the uninstallation without hassle.

Follow the steps below to uninstall CCleaner by Crapware Uninstaller:

Step 1. select target program

  • Launch Crapware Uninstaller after installing it to your PC
  • Click Yes button in the User Account Control to allow the launch
  • Choose CCleaner and click Run Analysis button to start the scanning

Step 2. perform standard uninstall

  • Click Complete Uninstall after all the components have been scanned out
  • Click Yes in the pop-up dialog to confirm the uninstall of CCleaner
  • Follow the CCleaner Uninstall wizard to complete the process

Step 3. remove CCleaner leftovers

  • Click Scan Leftovers button after the standard uninstall is complete
  • Click Delete Leftovers and choose Yes in the pop-up dialog to delete all leftovers
  • Click OK after the deletion is complete, and close Crapware Uninstaller

If any program or plugin does not show up in the interface, you can Click the Force Remove tab to carry out the removal of target software. Force Remove mode can be used to effectively remove corrupted, problematic, malicious or stubborn programs.

Method 2: Uninstall CCleaner from Start Menu

You may take different steps to activate the Windows Installer in different systems:

  • On Windows 7
    Click Start and choose Control Panel > Programs and Features
    Select CCleaner icon in the panel and click Uninstall button above
  • On Windows 8
    Right click Start menu and click Programs and Features option
    Highlight CCleaner in the list and click Uninstall button above

  • On Windows 10
    Click Start menu, and click All apps to open the list of installed programs.
    Scroll down to locate CCleaner, right click on it, and choose Uninstall.
    Click Uninstall in the new opened window to activate default uninstaller.

When CCleaner Uninstall wizard pops up, follow the prompts to finish the uninstall

Method 3: Run CCleaner built-in removal tool

What if CCleaner doesn’t appear in the list of installed apps or there is no response when you click Uninstall option? Here is the alternative way to uninstall CCleaner:

  • Open up the CCleaner folder from the default This PC > C: > Program Files
  • Double click the Uninst.exe file to run the CCleaner Uninstall wizard

  • Click Next button in the CCleaner Uninstall wizard
  • Click Yes button in the User Account Control window


  • Click Uninstall button in the CCleaner Uninstall wizard
  • Click Finish button after CCleaner has been uninstalled

Even this method may fail when some of the executive files are damaged or missing. In that case, we suggest you to re-install CCleaner, thus to cover corrupted/missing files. Once the installation finishes, CCleaner should be uninstalled smoothly.

Extra work: detect CCleaner leftovers

If you adopt the first method, you can skip this part as Crapware Uninstaller has done the job for you. But if you are using the method 2 or 3 to remove CCleaner, you are suggested to continue the following steps, thus to clean up all CCleaner components.

  • Click the Search icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, and type “regedit”
  • Click the Regedit in the best match result to launch Registry Editor

  • Click Yes if you are prompted to give confirmation in UAC dialog
  • Press Control + F together to open the Find window
  • Type CCleaner (or Piriform) in the Find What box, and click Find Next button
  • When the matched result comes out, right click on the keys/values pertaining to CCleaner, and then choose Delete option to remove them one by one
  • Hit F3 key to continue searching for associated files in the Registry

Notice: Inexperienced users are not recommended to modify the registry without making a backup copy. Otherwise, serious issues may occur to affect system if you mistakenly delete keys or values there. Yet, using Crapware Uninstaller will not involve such risks and you will find it fast and easy to get rid of CCleaner traces.


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