Do you really know how to totally remove app on Windows?

Removing unwanted app from Windows is a very common thing that people will do on their PCs. But do you think that actually you cannot remove the program totally from the computer many times? Have you ever found any removing problem or issue and unable to fix well on your PC? Maybe some of you have been noticed that it is not a good way to uninstall program with Windows removing feature. It usually leads an incomplete removal and leftovers issue. Not believe it? You can try to check the removed programs' files in these locations:

Registry Editor
Browser extensions
System start-up items
Stubborn installed files
Temporary files

When installing a new application, it will not only create an installation folder and save all of its files inside. Associated files will also be created and saved in several different locations on the PC. However, in most time, Windows removing feature only can remove those files in the installation folder, and left those related files in other location behind. Do you think that your computer have been got a lot of such files inside? And they also might be the big one that take up your hard drive space.

Pay attention to the incomplete removal

To remove a program completely and successfully, you should consider more and take complete steps to perform the uninstallation well. Otherwise, it will not only lead a incomplete removal, but also cause additional further issues on the computer:

  • Unable to reinstall the program
  • Unexpected error notification usually pops up on the PC
  • Application also tries to start-up after removing it
  • Bundled apps and browser add-ons continue to operate normally on the computer

So, don't neglect this removing problem, and you should perform a thorough removal for all of unwanted apps on the PC.

Better solution to complete the app removal

To avoid these troublesome issues when trying to remove an app, you can take a professional uninstaller to perform the app removal with ease. Crapware Uninstaller can assist you to scan and remove program's files in different locations, including those hiding on the computer. And you also can ask for an extra help if encountering a removing problem.

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Size 15.2 MB | Version 8.0.2

Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP