Why use Crapware Uninstaller

Light Install Package & Powerful Uninstall Feature

The 2.25MB install package is enough to provide the powerful uninstaller for you. And there is no any additional file and record being created during using the application on PC. So the limited system space will be saved and optimized significantly

Fast Analysis & Scan

Built-in scan engine with advanced algorithm will analyze the whole system and scan the associated files and records of the program you are going to remove, and then display them completely on the list with their specific directories.

Uninstall Without Leftovers

Crapware Uninstaller can delete those files which Windows standard removal usually cannot detect and remove from the computer, double-check and scan leftovers removing feature can erase everything associated to the program, so you don't need to worry about any further issue with leftovers.

Customize Removal

If you encounter program does not available on the uninstall list, or it has been corrupted on the PC, Force Remove feature available on Crapware Uninstaller will enable a customize removal for you, and you can choose to remove a specified folder completely, including forcibly deleting the stubborn and hidden files inside.

Professional Tech Support

Real-time email tech support is provided on the app and its official website, people can ask any question related to the program removal via email, and the experts will respond with a proper solution quickly.

How can Crapware Uninstaller do for you

Crapware Uninstaller focus on complete and automatic removal solution for unwanted applications. Stubborn and hidden files of the target program will be found out and listed on the interface and waiting for your removal, with this powerful uninstaller, you can get these functionality on hand:

  • Uninstall installed apps with ease
  • Faster analyze and scan for all related files
  • Completely remove associated data and traces
  • Force remove unwanted apps and folders
  • Troubleshoot your removing problems

Crapware Uninstaller Features

Fast scan & analyze

Complete removal

Force uninstall

Leftovers check and delete

Automatic removing process

Affordable price and plan

Frequent updates and optimization

Real-time tech support

Crapware Uninstaller Plans

1 Year
39.95$ (Big savings)
1 Year
39.95$ (Save 49.95$)
49.95$ (Cost-optimal)
Selected Plan

60-day money-back guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with Crapware Uninstaller ,we'll refund your payment, Not hassle, no risk.